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Dr Scott Ogletree’s research featured in The Guardian, revealing the impact of green space on cellular aging

The Guardian article focuses on findings from a recent study led by Dr Scott Ogletree, into the relationship between greenspace exposure and telomere length. The study found that those living in neighbourhoods with more green spaces had longer telomeres, the protective structures at the end of chromosomes associated with cellular health and aging. Telomeres prevent DNA unravelling and longer telomeres allow cells to replicate more times.

The study, based on the survey responses and medical records of over 7,800 participants, revealed that a 5% increase in neighbourhood green space was associated with a 1% reduction in cellular aging. However, the positive effects were less pronounced in low-income or segregated areas, indicating that a neighbourhood context, including deprivation, pollution, and segregation, may influence the health benefits of green spaces.

Photo by Matthias Zomer