OPENspace research makes the French press

Our research study, ‘Mobility, Mood and Place’ (MMP), was featured in several French newspapers on Sunday 9th September including: Liberation, l’Express, and Sciences et Avenir.

In an article about landscape and wellbeing, the findings from the MMP study were reported as follows:

In Scotland, researchers have asked people in their 70s about the environment they live in and the landscapes they have visited since their childhood in the 1930s.

These testimonies were analysed alongside maps displaying health and socio-economic data from the archives of Edinburgh and its region. “We concluded that visiting public parks during childhood and adulthood can slow cognitive decline in older people, and this finding was even more pronounced for women and people from disadvantaged backgrounds,” summarizes landscape architect Catharine Ward Thompson.

The same thing was found for depression and anxiety. “Access to green spaces can reduce social inequalities in terms of health,” says the director of OPENspace Research Centre.

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