Our team

Over the course of 15 years, OPENspace has established a thriving, multi-disciplinary team of researchers, advisors and support professionals with a diverse knowledge and skills base and a commitment to collaborative working.

We are delighted to have been named runners-up in the Most Outstanding Team category at the annual College of Humanities and Social Science (CHSS) College Recognition Awards 2015.

The open space team at an awards ceremony

The OS team at CHSS Staff Recognition Awards 2015 (Image courtesy of Douglas Robertson)

Directors and Associate Directors

Our Director is:

  • Professor Catharine Ward Thompson

Our Associate Directors are:

  • Professor Emeritus Peter Aspinall
  • Dr Simon Bell

Read more about our Directors and Associate Directors

Research Fellows and Associates

Our Research Fellows are:

  • Dr Katherine Brookfield
  • Dr Alicia Montarzino
  • Dr Lynette Robertson (Honorary)
  • Professor Jenny Roe (Honorary)
  • Dr Eva Silveirinha de Oliveira
  • Dr Penny Travlou

Our Research Associate is:

  • Dr Sara Tilley

Read more about our Research Fellows and Associates

Professional Support 

Our Administrator is:

  • Anna Orme

Our Administrative Assistant is:

  • Helena Satonick

The team member responsible for our Communications is:

  • Máire Cox

The team member responsible for our Policy Liaison is:

  • Mary Craig

The team member responsible for marketing our Landscape and Wellbeing MSc is:

  • Deborah Reid

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Partners and Clients

We are grateful to the extended OPENspace community – drawn from the public, not-for-profit and commercial sectors – for the support they provide as both funders of, and partners to, our research, including our Advisory Group members:

  • Leslie Forsyth (Edinburgh College of Art, retired)
  • Patrik Grahn (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)
  • Peter Ingram-Monk (Scottish Disability Equality Forum)
  • Robin Moore (Natural Learning Initiative)
  • Julie Procter (Greenspace Scotland)
  • Alan Rees (International Play Association, retired)
  • Marcus Sangster (Forestry Commission Scotland, retired)

Browse a full list of OPENspace research partners and clients

We are also grateful to the many other research centres throughout Scotland, the UK and beyond with whom we collaborate, and to the following former members of our team who have contributed to our success over the last 15 years:

  • Dr Susana Alves (Research Associate)
  • Dr Angela Curl (Research Associate)
  • Dr Catherine Findlay (Research Fellow)
  • Dr Catherine Millington (Research Associate)
  • Dr Nina Morris (Research Associate)
  • Dr Katherine Southwell (Research Fellow)
  • Dr Takemi Sugiyama (Research Associate)
  • Dr Affonso Zuin (Research Associate)

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